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It was a gloomy and snowy time that February weekend. On a whim, I was browsing the Craiglist part-time work listings andturned up a part-time job opening for a website. Nothing fancy. Okay, I wouldn't mind putting in a few extra hours and getting a few extra bucks, thinks I. I have needs, yannow. Needs like that amazing tea from Seattle.

I write a note about my capabilities to the anonymous Craiglist author and in ten minutes a reply comes back, "I have this site that needs ongoing maintenance, and this and such, and so forth, how many hours per week could you commit to it?" And of course contact info is linked at the bottom.

Now, I'm a paranoid information hog. Believe you me. So I talk to the Duck and he tells me that yeah, this guy's been in the business for a while, running some sort of startup a few years back. Got invited to a few conferences. Oh, and there's this court document regarding him. Securities Fraud is the word on the 'net. Misrepresenting fiscal affairs. Wilfully. Yeah. Public databases do that for you - opens up all sorts of things.


Screwing up a company stock due to ignorance, that can happen. There's that Buy Back Firefly scheme, which if not handled right might be regarded as some sort of stock scheme. I guess. That's what some posters at Ycombinator were saying a few days ago. and they are biznezz men so they know what's what, yea, yea? But lying. Can't trust that in a client. No way, no how.


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