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I've had this idea for a while, loosely based off of jwz's site, of taking a set of web pages (or, say, markdown files), indexing them, and then generating the same webpages, but with hyperlinks added for 'high-information' words.

So instead of a wiki where you have to manually edit your links in, what about a site that automatically adds links for you?

Kind of a tag *idea*, but taken to a different level.

I stabbed at this problem a few times a few years ago but didn't come up with anything usable. I think I decided to finish my thesis instead. Oh, priorities.

Weee code!

Jan. 1st, 2013 11:01 pm
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I am working away on a day trading stock program. Now that I'm out of the morass of integrating with other services (for now), it's ridicuously easy to write bits and pieces of the program.

I also am thinking about things like code aesthetics these days - what makes beautiful code? When is code art? when is it just craft? when is it a hack job? Sure there must be a way to grasp the differences beyond instinct.

regards to all
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I work in embedded systems for my Master's thesis. The particular one I use is a fairly cutting-edge one called an X-Core. It's really new and is pretty fun to use. I think it represents the future in manycore processor design.

I've been struggling to get some low-level hacking going. Minimal documentation, unclear information, you name it, I'm dealing with it. Things are starting to come together. Code compiles, uploads, and executes.

But there's a ghost. It's weirding me out. I've used/programmed computers since 1995 or so. One of the key principles of programming computers is this:

  • When two statements A and B are sequentially ordered; e.g., A; B;, then A shall always execute before B.

In my code, not only is B executing before A, it's doing it some number of times, and then it's doing it out of order (I have a counter ticking upwards every time B runs).

There is no reason for B to execute even once before A, and there's even worse reason for B to execute out of order.

This is actually kinda freaky.
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Spent some time with DW's codebase tonight; just reading it. Most of it is ok. A bit denser and less commented than I prefer, but hey, that's code. At some point I'll be able to actually move on to the project I want to write: a journal exporter. exor674 and I are planning to collaborate on it. Should be a lot of fun.

I went a ways in the top level of code before I had a OSX 10.6 kernel panic. On reboot, I found a problem with GoogleUpdater that was clogging my system log. We will see if that solves the isse. I've used OSX for nearly 5 years now; first kernel panic.

After the kernel panic and subsequent removal of GoogleUpdater, I dug around and found a perl call graph generator I'd worked on a few months back & hacked on it. Currently it's styled for the code style *I* write, which is very structured and has a distinct form. (somewhat ada-esque I expect) The code also doesn't handle objects, packages, or unnamed subs. So I'll be working to bring it up to date; then possibly using it on the entire DW codebase to map out what statically calls who and where. Obviously dynamic calling is not going to be very analyzable in static analysis.

If anyone is interested in seeing the call graph generator code, I'd be happy to share - it's not up for public purview right now.


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