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Earlier today at Haus dem V'lion

Cat's at the door. Cat comes in. and I open it. She has a mouse in her mouth. This is pretty unusual for her, so I sigh and wonder what's going to happen. Don't really want to grab a mouse from a cat's hand, yannow.

She drops it in the center of the living room carpet. "At least it's not alive", I tell my wife. Famouse last words. Mouse looks up and scurries towards a bookshelf. Visions of bloody carpets come to mind and I gape idiotically at the mouse, who is now pounced upon by two violent and vigorous cats.... holding it down. They let it up and it ZOOMS off towards the couch, followed by the inital cat.

We pull apart the living room and scoop up the mouse into a dustpan and drop it outside on the steps. One cat follows it and immediately ignores it as soon as she sees the mouse, the other goes back to loafing around with extreme sheddyness, as per his usual wont.

Later I open the door - there's a partially eaten mouse carcass on the porch.

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Kitty is occupying the mousepad. There's a certain whimsy about this.

cat drama

Oct. 6th, 2009 07:29 pm
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I have confined Howler to my room with me. Yes, she howled. For...2
hours straight. At the moment, she seems to have given up and is
sitting on a shelf near me, giving me Narrowed Kitty Eyes of
Anger. Well, it's my fault. I sat her down earlier with Midnight and
theyshe had a hissout until I let Midnight escape the Angry
Howler. She was teed off at me by that, but got over it.


Oct. 6th, 2009 10:41 am
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The kitties do not get along. :-/

My cat's become super-tense and doesn't really want to stay inside. She's kinda miserable I think. I've found a family that's interested in having Midnight around, so hopefully they will keep him permanently.


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