Mar. 21st, 2014 06:38 pm
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Love my new job. Love learning about Amazon and cloud and distributed systems. Love using Linux and OSX every day all day. Love writing non-MS code. Yes, even Python, which I have said nasty and rude things about.

Love busing to work... car is parked and I walk half a block to the stop, then 3 blocks to work.

Coworkers are experienced nerds and competent. Extremely pleasant being the junior chap on the team.

So much happy.
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I am in the process of finalizing an offer from a company in Bellingham, WA, an hour and a half north of Seattle.

I am tremendously excited about this. The company is a software company, and among other things, has offered me a *50%* raise over what I'm getting today.

All going smoothly, I will be starting there June 12.
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I went to lunch with a coworker. He's from India and has been in the US 7 or so years now. I am making an effort to get to know him; he's very smart and pretty friendly.

One of the things he feels very strongly about is that he sees opportunities everywhere in America, but he doesn't see Americans take advantage of them. There's an enormous amount of cross-cultural mixing here, and he really thinks that people need to take advantage of that to be ready to handle the effects of globalization.

I look forward to more conversations with him. I always appreciate hearing observations of the US from people who come from a different world.
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Just found out it that timestamps on the files I've been grading are in UTC instead of PST.

Hoo boy. Time to regrade.

I also have 40 pages of denotational semantics to read and understand.

Looks like it's going to be a hard-workin' weekend.

I've picked up some old lisp code I had; I have the kernel of a genetic programming program half-written. I think I'll try and make progress on it, then work on my taginator project.

Ah well. May have to retreat into WoW for a bit if things get too stressful.

fun times

Dec. 1st, 2009 10:50 pm
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I work part time as a grader.

While some of the submissions are truly terrible, some of the others are very creative and interesting.

I particularly enjoyed the vampire-werewolf-human-buffy simulation. Anonymous /clap to you people.

Sorry your grades are late, I have other responsibilities besides grading.
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Today is a work day; spent the weekend at the Girlfriend's parents place. quite pleasent.

But, today is a work day. I have to grade pages on a wiki. Don't do it if you can help it, it's hard to grade and internet-based class stuff is just icky.

I also have to evaluate several processors for my master's project and then, I'll put up a page so I can 'publish' out the results to mein professors.

In the Personal Project pipe:

I will also find/write a latex2pdf web page so I can do a fast turn-around on latex work.

I also want to set up an aggregator to watch monthly money-market/CD rates on a weekly basis. I don't fancy having to remember to check the rates daily. Much rather have a notification weekly of rate changes.

Plus I need to get some budget software and use it.

I also have a slew of upgrades to do to my Mac. It's pretty much time for Snow Leopard. And another gig of ram.

I've also started grinding on an 'article tagging' system similar in concept to EndNote et al, but command-line interface for greater flexibility. I've written it in C++ so far, perhaps I should work with a different language. C++ with the STL is pretty productive.

*looks over his todo list* Time to get cracking.


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