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Losing nerd cred a bit lately: I've started visiting a local soccer team's matches. It's quite exciting! We have some world class players on this team (Women's Soccer - Seattle Reign FC), and it's breathtaking to see top-line playing. Some of the moves are just /wow/. I could never do that when I played soccer as a kid, or even dream of it.

I feel slightly less nerdy perhaps now, but I am enjoying myself, so pfah. Plus, m'lady likes it too.

N.b., soccer really is a lot more engaging than football IMO. Football is closer to turn based gaming and soccer, real time gaming.
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Seattle warms, unseasonably early. But it's nice for talking walks about, and smelling the flowers.

We walked by a small house for the sum of $425,000. It is *so* expensive to purchase a house here. I terribly wish I had gotten here or SF in 2006 and stocked up money. That was the year I got my Bachelor's. I was lost, tired, and generally bowed down from the stress of the BS degree. I faffed about for a time, then went back to get a graduate degree. I should have mustered up and couchsurfed with my laptop to a tech hub to snag a full-time job.

Sigh, regrets. Some consequences that arrive 5-7 years late are incredibly hard to forsee without a mentor.

But. I'm in a lovely city, in a snug apartment, my cats are zonked out on the couch, and I'm settling in for an hour of code. Life is good.
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life in seattle goes well.

the job is fun, mostly. and well paid. whee.

at home hacking hsa slowed, as it often does towards summer.

the wife likes going out with me after work.

I'm not on irc much right now because of #3 and #4.

skin games by jim butcher is pretty decent. the usual dresden files plot though, wtb another plot plox? the overplot is doing well, but the episodes are getting repetitive

sporadically doing implementation research on my old MS topic. should desporadify it

debating writing a book on practical sw engineering

odd article came out: http://damemagazine.com/2014/05/23/amazon-killing-my-sex-life - not entirely without flaws or truth. a good and true quote:

The new tech bros have one thing on their brains—making money. They are different than the programmers I knew from ’90s, many of whom were also artists—musicians, photographers, DJs, involved in underground and alternative subcultures. They were freaks. Coding was as much a creative activity as a means to making money. If you got into computers in the ’90s, you were already a little weirder than the rest of the world, you already thought differently. Now that computing is trendy—and economically fruitful—it’s attracting a different kind of person altogether.

so true. you can see it in cs classes and in the workplace.


Feb. 16th, 2014 11:08 am
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I move to Seattle this Wed. The movers arrive at 8:30 Wed morning and will be dropping the boxes off Thursday morning. While it'll be ridiculously busy for a few days, I'd love to vist anyone who wants to grab coffee up in Ravenna area!

New job

Feb. 4th, 2014 07:03 pm
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Moving to Seattle in a few weeks for a new job. I'm excited, mostly.

I guess it's time to figure out how we're going to socialize in the area.

Board game groups can be nice, but the yelling geeks can get tiring.

Biking is very athletic there (hills, hills, hills), though we love it.

Churches will be interesting to find. I get the idea that Seattle doesn't have much middle ground theologically , which is where we both tend to fall on non-ecclesiology matters. It's been a real struggle locally to find people who practiced what they preached and remembered love as the primary gift.

I will be able to plug into hacker groups, for sure. Maybe an OpenHack group or other similar group. I also want to learn sailing. So I can figure out something to get involved in.

M'lady favors the Fiber Arts and has had a thing for spinning for the last few months.
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I'm going to Seattle-area the weekend of the 22-23.

I want to explore seattle & visit people. :-)


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