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Peace to you, on this unpeaceful planet we live on; may you have goodwill towards all. I wish forgiveness to all of you, both to and from your debtors & debtees.

Life with others is often hard; may you be eased in it.

May you be well until next solstice, and, of course, beyond.

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It's the solstice. About time already. I am ready for longer days and not driving to work in the dim half-light of dawn, coming back with the stars twinkling overhead. I thought I'd be in a new job, maybe in Seattle, by now. But new year, new things, eh? Winter in my fine town is just starting; seasons here hold by the official start dates. So it will be full of snow and cold for the next 3 months or so.

I will be visiting my parents next week with Kari in tow. I expect that to be fun and a little weird. This is our first visit as a married couple. So it will feel awkward to me. Hopefully we won't create Family Dramaz, as has happened before. Certainly we need to not stay *too* long, otherwise Someone would Say Something, and welcome would be getting a bit tattered and thin. So a nice visit where we have long talks and whatnots for 3-5 days, then we zip. More than that will be tension. Doesn't help that the house has only 2 effective bedrooms, and my sister will be there as well. So 3 beds, 2 bedrooms, awkwardsauce, someone sleeps in teh living room. Hopefully that's not us? The hideabed couch is not comfortable at all.

Last night was a drag. I was trying to fix a build system in an open source product I like; discovered a bug in it. Autotools is, hmm, ugly for the uninitiated. I had to leave it with an update on my bug report: "Your dependency uses autotools. I couldn't make that work". Yech.

I saw the Hobbit last weekend, and I need to write that up.


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