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So far, I seem to be averaging a tad over 1 pound per week.

Of course, being the goof that I am, I am not going swimming, but to the gym, and I've been watching what I eat pretty tightly.

After using the Power Of Math, I have determined that (1) my average weight loss is a bit *under* 1 lb/wk(actually .8 lb/wk), and (2) it will take 477 days to reach my optimum weight for my height. That will round up to 1 year, 4 months from the start. Ouch. Supposing that I boost my average weight loss up to 1 lb/wk, I will hit my goal in 423 days. Still a long time, but about 2 months faster.

Oh well. That's the cost of 7 years on the Too Much Soda, Pizza, and Bad Food diet. Bah.
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One of my dreams for the past 4-5 months is to be able to be at the gym at 6 in the morning(aka opening time). Last night, I went to bed at 9:30 or so and (for some reason unknown), woke up at 3:50 or so. I didn't really feel sleepy, so I got up and did my morning routine, enabling me to, yes, get to the gym at 6. I got home at 7 and showered. I just need to snag breakfast and I'll be ready to do my day starting at 8am.

I'm pretty excited about this. The kicker is, of course, keeping myself disciplined in the face of tiredness, sweat, and wanting to stay up late.


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