Dec. 19th, 2012 09:46 pm
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I graduated, M.S.C.S.

I am beyond thrilled and excited. K and I went and got a very nice meal tonight.

I am now laying plans for writing papers on my Master's work, along with future research plans.
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Thesis is rolling along.

I set up a fogbuz on demand setup to help make sure I don't let things drop off the map. I need to make sure to write a note to Joel when I'm done and thank him for making a Student package for free.


Dec. 17th, 2009 10:14 pm
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Finals are all over but teh grading. I have to do that tomorrow and Saturday.

I am /worn/ out. I passed out last night and slept some 10rs, I think I'll wind up doing similarly tonight.

I had my birthday cake today. 2 weeks late but that's OK.

Tomorrow I give a demo about $work_project at $work. It'll be nice; I think it's near 8K? 10K? lines of Perl code at this point. I should find out. Essentially it's a final check-off before we go into integration testing and then to production. I came up with a spiffy idea to help out our team mission today and my boss liked it. Maybe that'll be a spring project.


Dec. 13th, 2009 09:49 pm
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Tonight, my goal is to write a page on my thesis before bed. I don't particularly care in what area, but I need to keep it moving along. I need to design several projects that demonstrate the proof of principle that I indend to show.

Tomorrow, I study for (I hope) my last test as a MS student(it's on Wednesday).
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I finished 95% of my final essay for graduate Programming Language Theory. Whoo. I reviewed the development of the seL4 operating system, with attention to how the language affects verification. Still have to rewrite the conclusion. It's groady.

6 page paper, 28 citations. Waugh. Lotta fun reading though. I think I'm a born reader/nerd. It seems to be part of stuff I enjoy, digging around and finding out things. Problem is, someone else already knew those things.

seL4 is pretty spiffy. Pretty much fully verified, working on an ARM11 uniprocessor, x86 port on the way. Not really a desktop system, but you could use it as a hypervisor.

If you're into geekery & heavy math, I'd suggest reading up on it. The organization that sponsored it is NICTA in Australia.

All right then. Bedtime.
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Just found out it that timestamps on the files I've been grading are in UTC instead of PST.

Hoo boy. Time to regrade.

I also have 40 pages of denotational semantics to read and understand.

Looks like it's going to be a hard-workin' weekend.

I've picked up some old lisp code I had; I have the kernel of a genetic programming program half-written. I think I'll try and make progress on it, then work on my taginator project.

Ah well. May have to retreat into WoW for a bit if things get too stressful.


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