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One of the purposes of vlion.dreamwidth.org space was to give me a
place to write about philosophy, life, computer science, and
geekery(Quite original, I assure you...).

When I say writing, I mean writing. Honest-to-goodness
multi-page works essaying to provide a thoughtful discussion of the
topic at hand. There are a set of people who prefer to read this form
of blog. Steve Yegge has built his blogging reputation on long-winded
thoughtful essays. Right now I have a couple essays in the works; a few more proto-essays
are rattling around in my head.

I suppose something of an introduction on my part is probably in
order. Allow me to say a few words about it first... Words cannot
correctly express a person's life, in totality. They serve to
distinguish, confine, and express an adjectival view of someone. In
particular, introductions are of nessescity short and narcissistic. So
please look kindly at the words, and try to see past them to the
person writing the words...

I am a graduate student at the University of Idaho(not Iowa, not
Illinois). I study computer science; my field is multicore embedded
systems; my thesis is on debugging principles. I have taught labs for
roughly two years now, and I enjoy the experience. I am a software
engineering intern at a local engineering company(yes, physical
engineering, not just software. :o). Personally, I am a
Christian(charismatic a-denominational); I play a weak acoustic bass;
I have a garden; I like Firefly; I read an enormous amount; and I am
writing this entry by candlelight.

A convenient handle on me is "classic nerd". A more descriptive handle
would be aspirer to Renaissance man.


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