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I spent some time last night looking at desktops with large amounts of RAM (health issues strongly indicate NOT doing serious work with a laptop, EVER AGAIN).

I can get a refurb Xeon quad-core machine with 24GB of RAM from Dell for something like $600-$700. That seems to blow laptop equivalent compute costs out of the water. Since I like virtual machines, this seems.... awesome!

*And* I already have the monitor & other accessories. This is very intriguing!
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I installed Snow Leopard. It appears to work. Hurray!

Emacs works.

Latex works.

Mercurial works.

Subversion works.



Dec. 8th, 2009 01:31 pm
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My Mac computer RAM has 2GB of RAM now. It has a snappier response now. I'm also pretty sure Flash won't bring it to a shuddering halt after a few hours of browsing.

Related to Flash, I am now using Camino, which has flashblock integrated into it by default. I'm really of the opinion that flash should be blocked by default. There are way too many annoying aspects to flash thase days to *not* have it blocked by default. On many sites now, Flash ads will go half-screen or quarter-screen on page load, which completely obscures the actual page content.

Once my final paper gets finished, I will be upgrading OS X 10.4 to 10.6. I'm seeing a lot of new OS X apps moving away from 10.4 now, so it's time to upgrade. Plus if I move towards iPhone development at any point, I'll need to have par technology.

There's also some spiffy new features in 10.6 XCode I hear.


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