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I'm totally a code hipster.

Server code written in Lisp, client code & tests written in Haskell.

Kiiind of funny. ;-)
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Spending some time working with CLOS in an implementation of my thesis system on my laptop. /Wow/, CLOS is really cool. Kind of weird and super-flexible, but amazingly... right.
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It's saturday morning, two weeks and a day since the wedding. The Wife has slept in, as is her wont. The day is amazingly gorgeous, only a few clouds in the sky. The cats have come in and out a bit, and the birds are ... twittering. Or chirping.

I've been pushing around thoughts about a Sudoku solver/generator. My current randomized implementation is hideously inefficient. Feh. I want to get my understanding of backtracking significantly better: my understanding from this is going to guide the core of an automated stock trading system I want to put together.

I have some other ideas for coding going, including some iPhone apps and a webapp, but the stock trader seems the most interesting right now. Probably the least lucrative to start out with...

The iphone apps I want to write in Lisp. Objective C makes me want to barf, it's like "C with gotchas", and XCore is hands-down the worst IDE I've had this misfortune to use. Plus the online help, outside of Apple forums and StackOverflow, seems to be entirely full of copy and paste posers. Yuck. I figure that I will put together an iPhone framework for Embedded Common Lisp and use that for the webapp. I'd like to release the framework, but I'm not sure how the open source licences play with Apple. Worst case will be BSD, I suppose (rather prefer AGPL3, all things considered... )

The webapp I've slated to work on in the fall; it may or may not pan out. It essentially would be a website generator /combined/ with playing website guy for small businesses. I think that it might be able to work for the late adopter crowd. I've seen some tremendously horrid small business websites. Wordpress and Drupal just look too yick for me to want to go there, so I am fussing with other solutions. Of course my geek solution is to write my own, but NIH might not be the best idea (or is it? It's always considered a bad idea to outsource your core business idea). Possibly a fork of a simple CMS? I don't know.

Long term, I don't want to be working for a large/midsize company, that's for sure. I'm in it now, and I appreciate the resources at my disposal, but the amount of leverage you get in those companies is heavily contrained by politics and how close you are to the guy on the top of the money-making chain. Kind of a pain being at the lower end of the monkey pole.... I anticiapte small business/startups to be my natural home, if not outright self-employed. However, startups live in only a few areas, and small businesses are more hit and miss in terms of wanting to hire a software engineer. Self employment, that'd be rad: but someone has to want to hire me.

Ah well. Ah well. Keep on keepin' on, as I once heard.


Feb. 5th, 2012 11:12 am
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Said yes to a request to help do some data analysis for someone, for free.

Turned out the data was 17K files, 77GB of data, and the data is fairly 'dirty' and in a number of different structures of delimited separated data - tab, commas, etc.

Bloody mistake on my part. If I don't know the reliability of a dataset, I am not going to help someone out without looking into it first. I've burnt near 20 hours on it already in the last 5-6 weeks.

I didn't really have time to deal with this amount of data, and the requestor has deadlines.

Advice for the reader: don't volunteer without understanding the task ahead of you.
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peoppenheimer mentioned to me the other day the flashbake script set.

I looked at it, and it seems nifty enough, but I noticed a few things I didn't like about it.

1. social-media-integrated. I'm not a Blogger. I don't want to tweet about what I'm doing all the time(side note: who cares? twitter seems mostly useful for server admins and pr people).

2. git. I far prefer Mercurial. There's a couple reasons, but it primarily comes down to Mercurial having a more user-friendly ethos.

3. different kind of writer orientation. I don't think I really do the kind of writing flashbake is designed around. I'm doing academic work, with latex & stuff. Massive intermediate file output and so forth.

4. I can set this up to work for non-writing systems; arbitrary timely upload of source code sounds nice.

So I hacked up a Perl version of flashbake I call flapper; I'll test it out tomorrow and get it live. I'll put it on bitbucket for use by others once it works on my OSX install.

It should be a really simple script that's trivial to install on a *nix machine; windows machines *may* have more issues, not sure yet.

thank you and good night!


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