Feb. 2nd, 2015


Feb. 2nd, 2015 11:06 pm
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muddling through things at home. Nothing terribly pleasant, some other stuff I'm keeping under wraps.

In geekier news, I picked up another ARM computer for the cluster, a ODROID U3. I already have two Raspberry Pis named "skagit" and "whatcom", as those are big berry producing counties in Washington. Not sure what to name this wee one. I shall have to ask #dreamwidth. (does so).

Worth noting that this odroid is, afaict, about equal to a middle-class computer in $2000, less the EIDE interface.

This computer will serve as the RabbitMQ and Postgres master for the local ARM farm, as those take a certain amout of compute power. Another Raspberry pi (whatcom) serves as the DNS server and - in time - the DHCP server. Skagit is currently the Postgres host, but will probably be purposed to be the 'controller' machine, serving as the Ansible and CI masters.

Looking out to the rest of the network, I will/need to be hooking up to threeish systems:
1. The current VPS host of my web site, which needs to be able to deploy Docker containers peaceably.
2. A transient system that will be used to build containers, spawned on command from, say, Skagit (this would be a build system created node).
3. Azure data hosting - I need a place to archive built containers, debs, etc. Azure is cheap and Not Amazon or Google.

It's kind of a fun task.


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